Two Poems by A.D. Winans


I walk the Fillmore streets
dubbed Bop City where
jazz notes attack the brain cells
like a car crash
echoes of ecstasy float in the air
body pressed into  hardback chair
here in Bop City
I slip
past consciousness
into an invisible world
without sight or sound
each note bathed in blood
lost in a zombie trance
piano sax and horn blended
like a milkshake
explosive sounds like cue balls
exploding on green felt pool table
disappear in incandescent light
that shines off  the sweating brows
of  fallen jazz angles



Arrested for loitering at the Deli
bail bondsman will not accept poems
for collateral
even though my agent testifies
to their tasty flavor
spicy as a Cajon sausage
waiting on waiters with bow ties
to usher them away
to white linen tables
where dainty ladies
weaing Victorian era hats
nibble at them
like a delicacy of oysters
waiting on a  midnight orgy

2 Responses to “Two Poems by A.D. Winans”

  1. enjoyed both of these Al! your images are so strong and tantalize the senses…

  2. Al, as always I really enjoyed reading your poetry. Good ones here!

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