Whispers by Arlin Buyret

Nestled between Snake Road and Waits River
in Vermont’s Green Mountains,
the Land of Beulah Cemetery whispers:

Mary Jane
Infant Daughter  1851

I am ready for rest

The pains of death are past,
warfare is closed at last

Peaceful slumbers my child

The harvest is done
The reaper is sleeping

Marjorie and John
Mother and Infant Son   1843

What child is this that laid to rest

She did the best she could

Loved ones have crossed the river

A man that twice was hushed by death
Rests silently in this grave

For this child I prayed

Parted Below
United Above

The empty hum… of broken connections.

4 Responses to “Whispers by Arlin Buyret”

  1. Tammy Daniel Says:

    Hi Arlin. Like how you captured the whispers of this moment. Particularly like “Loved ones have crossed the river” and how that connects with “parted below” just like a river does parting one land from another only to be united with itself once again.

  2. Arlin Buyert Says:

    Thank you Tammy for your comments.
    I appreciate your support. Arlin.

  3. Arlin – I appreciated reading this poignant poem. I have spent many hours of my life at cemeteries, reading the writing on gravestones and sitting in quiet contemplation. So, it was a particuclarly moving experience for me to read “Whispers.” Thank you. Sincerely, Winnie

  4. Arlin Buyert Says:

    Winnie, thank you for your kind comments.

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