Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart by Sissy Buckles

So I’ve been communing with the dead again
my best pal Doone, she ate it big time
on Thanksgiving day
bitchin’ motor running fast as she lived
slung into the river off a three-wheeler
in the hot, lonely So-Cal desert
took four hours for the medics
to arrive too late.
And I’m not yet done with
gentle Steph’s out of control
blonde divorcee suicide dive down the cliff
in a white Chevy one and a half ton dual-wheel
twelve foot flatbed truck
some of the paint missing from the hood,
after her latest east county boyfriend
beat the shit out of her.
Or my old spaniel Bernie
taking his final breath last year
happy at least to be in his favorite place
on the cool kitchen floor linoleum.
These days not caring if I live or died
I wanna drink gin, pop my fill of pills
and act all excessive, stay up all night
and out on the edge like Judy Garland
then Dr. Bekken asks on the music forum I read –
‘Why ukulele?’ …because
‘Zing! went the strings of my heart’ just sounds crappy
on my fender electric guitar.

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