Four Poems by SPALKE


“nada mas”
dying final breath
first caught my attention
after hemorrhoid surgery
battle creek hospital
suddenly aware
not bullet proof
years later
marquette morning darkness
chilly loneliness
following mri scan
loving beautiful woman
relationship sadly ending
moving on to other things
immediately feeling
life’s black hole
hoping a little more time
poems yet to write

# # # #

outside time

bearded crazy poet
hiding pine tree shadows
rip-roaring exhaust
ugly growling vroom
honda yamaha horsepower
downshifting into curve
middle-aged men
off road adventure
jazzing cojones
escaping unhappy marriages
forgotten wives and kids
atv noise
deafening ability to think
not understanding wilderness
feel invisible spirits
animals earth sky

# # # #

fashion model

young attractive woman
frozen blond hair
emo black attire
preening stiletto attitude
scary energy
like grainy b+w negative
using cool terms
“rad” “sweet” “epic”
“who cares”
teasing young men
not understanding
honest sex beautiful
full of fear and guilt
quick to end relationships
love and caring
failing to satisfy
soon overweight
older diner waitress
fat bandaged knees
crowsfeet wrinkles
pass-through window stare
desperate for nighttime booze
lonely empty silence
no one there

# # # #

teenage drama

young boy’s testosterones
crazy love lust explosions
chasing uninterested girls
like nothing else matters
desperate to be a man
heart shaped tattoo
“i love mom”
old indian motorcycle
wild horsepower roar
jazzing cojones
smoking player’s “navy cut”
envying bare-chested sailor
black eye patch
bacardi magazine ads
reading alan watts
playboy interview
wrestling with zen
understanding koans
achieving zazen
dreams of used mg
dark racing green
rag top down
ambitious young man
suddenly divorced
small town girl
without any imagination
weekly child support
papermill nights
college student days
free man
unlike belled cat
dog chewing its collar
after something new

One Response to “Four Poems by SPALKE”

  1. free penny press Says:

    I like poems that are short on nonsense and full of meaning.. these fit the bill.. well done!

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