Lynne Savitt’s Bio


i am terrified of biographies,
the factual black and white
printed credibility

the date the cloud was filled with lemon snowflakes

the hour my father exploded my birth from a tennis ball

the job at the orphanage giving oatmeal
kisses to homeless midwest cheeks

thumbprints from my offspring  my husbands
picture of my sister looking just like daddy
distributing dollars with a miser’s heart
xerox copies of my mother’s bridal dinner,
hysterectomy, charity luncheon
list of the religious persuasions and vegetable
preferences of all my lovers

there are new methods to categorize
fears, health habits, insecurities
all recorded on asbestos uniforms
worn by airline stewards on international flights

‘’born in australia in the emerald studded
pouch of a sable coated kangaroo
my right eye is a perfect star sapphire’’

i am in favor of myths.

–from LUST IN 28 FLAVORS, 1979


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