Poem by Lynne Savitt

                 THE MOVIES & REAL LIFE

husbands punch their wives after beers
with the boys losing at cards or racetrack
they come home smelling like sachet from
lingerie drawer not yours checkbook lost while
kayaking glue themselves to their glasses
cheaters, brutes, idiots, sissies they kiss
or beat the crap out of their respective
spouses who are all unfaithful blondes
with great tits & ass acting cool as blue
plastic ice cube trays or brunettes in
pale pink cashmere & nylon stockings
cheeks peachy as produce from augusta

get grade A education love your limbs like
branches of the weeping willow write poems
in linen clouds dance like a vengeful rain
hump like sweet bunnies paint canvases big
as arizona canyons travel the world ten times
over paint yr lips & cheeks with pomegranate
kiss the lower back of any human who shares
yr joyful pain & macro photography don’t ever
care what others think of yourselves as warrior
princesses deserving of the universe & own it



One Response to “Poem by Lynne Savitt”

  1. lynne savitt’s poems grab you and keep a piece of your heart and smarts.. passion, sagacious originality unparalleled in ancient or contemporary poetry..she’s a cross between Aphrodite and Marie Curie..

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