Works By The Poet Lynne Savitt

Lust in 28 Flavors, Second Coming Press, 1979

Eros Unbound, Blue Horse Publications, 1980

No Apologies, Cardinal Press, 1981

Plump Passions, Ancient Mariners Press, 1988

Dreams as Erect as Nipples on Ice, Ghost Dance, 1989

Sleeping Retrospect of Desire, Konocti Books, 1993

The Burial of Longing Beneath The Blue Neon Moon, Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 1999

The Transport of Grandma’s Yearning Vibrator, Myshkin Press, 2002

Greatest Hits 1979-2003, Pudding House Publications, 2004

The Deployment of Love in Pineapple Twilight, Presa, 2005

Digging Dinosaur Dignity in Ardortown, Myshkin Press, 2008

Too Late for Valentines’ Day, Myshkin Press, 2012

One Response to “Works By The Poet Lynne Savitt”

  1. wretchedEarth Says:

    fine work…like visiting some raw wounded world (like this one) with people arms outstretched or sitting in a bus station staring into the distance trying to figure how to escape this two dimensional painting we’ve woken up in?

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