CASUALTIES by Lynne Savitt

talking about college, him
coming from kansas, ex-wives,
husbands, the kids, the time
we’d spent in l.a. & he asked
“what happened to your first husband?”

“a marine, “ i answered, “he died
in vietnam in ’66”

he started to shake & blacked
out, saliva gathering in his mouth,
i turned his head to keep him from
choking, he babbled twenty minutes
about vietnam horrors & when he
came to, said, “i’m sorry, i’d better go.”

i took his hand & led him
to my bedroom where the wars had ended

and a flag lay folded in the drawer.

One Response to “CASUALTIES by Lynne Savitt”

  1. Arlin Buyert Says:

    Powerful poem , powerful poem!

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