the fine smell of dread by DB COX

a holy crusader
who talks to god
stares up
from the bottom
of religion’s dark hole
into the imaginary
soul of a camera lens
& boldly states his case
concerning the next life—
extreme claims
shaped by imperfect certainty

another blind-faith
based prophet
recites from his volume
of precious text—
perplexing book
of untestable propositions
forged somewhere
beyond the stars—
in his shaky right hand
he raises a copy of the koran
& flips it into the flames—
hell’s purifying weapon

a youtube video
unwinds through time
half way around the world
paradise-backed maniacs
packing plastic explosives
& heavy machine guns
use this desecration
as provocation to
serve up the fine smell
of dread—burning infidel
heads without bodies
bodies without heads

ad hoc
low budget
shock & awe
enough divine
smoke & ashes
to choke the sun
in the hopeless
never-ending showdown
over fantasy lands
not to be found
in this world
or any other

5 Responses to “the fine smell of dread by DB COX”

  1. Leaves me listening for the sound of breathing.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    Another fine piece as is always expected.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment folks.

  4. Tammy Daniel Says:

    Very much enjoyed. Tammy

  5. Tammy, I’m glad you liked it.

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