Neeli Cherkovski

Back in 2008, I went in a book buying binge via Amazon and other online sellers.  I suspect during the 6 month period I purchased 125 poetry books.   Of that number at least four of those were written by Neeli Cherkovski.  Leaning Against Time has been in the basket by my chair for the last few years.  I keep the special books there—close at hand. Hell we even have the same hat (by coincidence).
You will see by his new poetry published here that he is a poet’s poet.  That may sound like a cliché but in a time when so many people who write poetry sound the same, try to be the next Bukowski or write what they don’t really know, his words are poetic by their very nature– by his mastery of the language.   He knows who came before him. He is a student of poetry and a teacher.  His poetry sings the welcomed song of a thinker, the song of a philosopher and the always  lyrical song from a lover of words.  Make no mistake, I didn’t do Cherkovski a favor by doing a feature/interview—as a fan he did me one.

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