Two Poems by Scot Young


after school
in the mid 60s
at the malt shop
jukebox  i listened
to sam the sham’s
little red riding hood
and the song
leader of the pack
we were am radio rebels
eating cheeseburgers
and cherry phosphates

but at night we listened to
clyde clifford’s
beaker street
from little rock
50,000 watts of
album cuts & acid rock
slipped slowly like
a mickey finn
into our midwest
cookies & milk

in the garage
we smoked viceroys taken
from mom’s purse
learned how to blow
smoke rings to the pre pop
sound of
zappa &
began tuning guitars
to the chords of
eric burden &
girlfriends getting
in the groove
in the backseat
of a 66 chevy


after the game

thanksgiving dinner is over
at the local vfw
packed with old vets smoking
non filters &
swisher sweets
swirling lonesome ice
straight up whiskey
in hi ball glasses

the lions game is over
as well as the yelling
& cussing
john prine plays
on the juke box
the speed of the sound of lonliness
sam stone came home
kicked off the quiet
big jim said he is thankful
for the other guys it is still early
the remembering has just begun

One Response to “Two Poems by Scot Young”

  1. Arlin Buyert Says:

    scot- I like this one a lot! Arlin.

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