Bradley Mason Hamlin


Bettie Page

did you see her
in that magazine
or comic book
cover of a pulp
or dirty little stag film
did you see her …

bondage, spanking, whips
jungle girl
wild cat
playing with leopards
or vacuuming the rug
in French maid attire
all good
but nothing without
her smile

did you see her smile …

50’s bikinis
garters and high heels
but did you see her killer fringe,

bangs to shoot bullets by
breasts bursting from
sexy bras
low-cut everything
and buttons unbuttoning,
raw she was, sometimes
with curves
and fine and foxy
did you see her …

did you see her while driving
your red hot-rod and drinking xxx
whiskey and runnin
from the cops

rockabilly roadsters
fetish queens
and tattooed whores in bitchin
blue jeans

you owe all to her
mini-skirts and slutty lipstick
slutty, beautiful
stick …

3 Responses to “Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. good readin’ ‘ya again, bro. and that smile…good seein’ it.


  2. slutty,
    stick …

  3. one of my favorites, it captures her

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