Henry Denander

henry hankHenry Denander has many talents as you will discover below.  He is  lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and relaxes in Greece.   But what you may not discover in this short piece is that Henry is a nice guy.  I discovered him a couple of years ago and was drawn to his watercolors.  They make me smile.  He describes his art humorously in a poem you will read.
All I know is his art and poetry make me feel good.  The bright watercolors make me happy.  Maybe I just like cats, jazz and donkeys, I don’t know.  But when I see his mail art on a package (chapbook) when I pick up my mail, I go to my truck and carefully open it and read every word before driving home.  I think the world needs more artists, writers and humans like Henry Denander.  Pay it forward with a smile…not too bad Hank.  Those of you that have received a package from him, know what I am talking about.

One Response to “Henry Denander”

  1. Henry Denander’s been a favorite artist of mine for more than a decade since I “discovered” him when he submitted his fabulous Bukowski portraits to my Pearl press publicatiions of 4 issues of Bukowski Review. Henry’s art grabs your heart and makes your eyes glad to see his latest pleasurable treasure.. joan jobe smith

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