The Rusty Truck Says Thanks Ya’ll

scotty’s birthday

began the new year
with ham and beans
sweet cornbread &
a cuban cigar
turned 58 today
that thing splake calls
gray beard being chased
by ratbastard time

today i almost complete
the last issue of an old friend
with some old friends
from an archived print version
2010 with a last
feature to follow asap
of an artist and a poet and a new friend

so for now the plan is to farm organic
write some
paint some
take a griswold vacation across
and love my bride of so many years
like there ain’t no tomorrow.


4 Responses to “The Rusty Truck Says Thanks Ya’ll”

  1. I could not think of a better way to end this thing after 4 years than with the poets I started with. These poems appeared in a print edition that was riddled with mistakes but full of good poetry. Two of these friends have passed on–Todd and F.N. I could not get enough of either one. To the other poets all I can say is thank you for making this zine successful. I admire your work. To cap this off, a feature with Henry Denander will be up soon.
    My Best

  2. A. D. Winans Says:

    enjoy. and not to be a downer, but indeed treat each day like there is no tomorrow because the fickle finger of fate reaches out at random and plays no favorities.

  3. A proud ride, full of strong stuff, and enough beer to outlast the dawn. Thanks, Scot, for all your work…and for giving all these poets and all these words a place to breathe.

  4. I did not know this was coming to an end. Rusty Truck will be in my heart and soul – forever and a day. Thank you Scot, thanks to all you amazing poets. Live life to the fullest. Peace & Love, Winnie

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