Remembering Joie Cook 1951-2013

joie at 35I am ashamed to say I have had these poems a year and lost them in the pile of everyday life. But the good news is they are not lost now.  I think Joie would understand.  Bad news travels on a slow road to the Ozarks.  I found out about Joie’s passing not too long ago.

I first met her in  books, then through email, and then in a short interview  when I was with Outsider Writers .  She also appeared in my Not Your Bitch series as #4.  I loved her work and talking with her and brought her with me to deuce coupe and rusty truck.  In our interview I asked her her top female poet of all time…I expected someone famous, maybe someone tragic…Joie gave me this:

  Fave female poet of all time:  The little girl with a pen in her hand somewhere in  Nowheresville, Planet Earth—writing her heart out!


3 Responses to “Remembering Joie Cook 1951-2013”

  1. Love Joie’s work, thanks for posting. Wishing you a gentle journey.
    From a no name girl. Peace.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    I did not know about this. So sad. I always loved her work.

  3. Gene Scott Burnett Says:

    Joie Cook…god, what a poet! Surely miss her energy and insights and stage presence at the Cafe Babar series in San Francisco. I went to those readings a fair amount between 1987 and about 1993; it saved my soul, those Babar readings with Joie and her Cafe Babarians!

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