precipice by Susan Nelson

i’m having those feelings again …the ones i thought you’d killed when you tried to beat the spirit straight out of me…the ones I’ve worked my ass off to make sure i’d never feel again since they never led anywhere worth being.  but they’re stealing back and they’re going to take what they want anyway.  i’ve got that tug in my belly all warm and delicious and undeniable ‘cause by now it won’t make one bit of difference what my head or my mama tells me to do.

leaning into the echo

i drop
the other shoe

8 Responses to “precipice by Susan Nelson”

  1. Pris Campbell Says:

    So very good, Susan. You voice feelings for a lot if us in this poem.

  2. Perfect expression. Thanks for this, Susan.


  3. I’m very pleased to see this piece published, Susan. I so enjoy reading your work and, often, find myself relating to your poems and experiences.

  4. @ Curtis…well now… 🙂 you damn sure ought to 🙂

  5. many layers deep……love it

  6. reading between the lines on this one!

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