I know I am growing old by Bob Branaman

I know I am growing old
When I wouldn’t go though the shit
You have to
To get some pussy

When I no longer
Give a fuck
What they think about me

When you think you are dying all the time
And keep putting off going to the doctor
You are still afraid of doctors, Hospitals
Snakes and spiders

You know you are growing old
When you don’t spend
All your time
Thinking about pussy
And trying to get it
Yeah then you know
The testosterone and other chemicals
Have dried up a bit
Your nurorecepters aren’t sending
Out the shit no more
Your sperms aren’t straining to
To swim up stream

I just go in my studio
And paint
I come up with
New (old) things to do
It makes me happy too

4 Responses to “I know I am growing old by Bob Branaman”

  1. Really like this poem.

  2. great write. love your focus…

  3. We must be about the same age, Bob. I certainly can relate to this poem. Odd how time and age changes priorities and focus.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Its partly just a jive mood. as i am still chasing it….
    still want, need love ect . wish i had a cat.
    i have some “dates” etc. Hard to let it all just go…
    and just flow
    turn it over

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