first snow of the season
nothing sticks under the
covers i am naked save
my red tunic cable sweater

& socks it to my daughter’s
family this year with suicides
death of friends’ parents & a
teen hanging in a cold seaside

motel room my son-in-law
working the ER when they
bring him in having to inform
parents beware my granddaughter

will be driving in days hardness
of youth like an icicle of love
i’d like at my back curved with
satisfaction of good gone bird

eaten with gusto i call man
i love after too much wine
in driveway while family sits
at table plates full from buffet

what matters with last few
remaining acquaintances
languishing in death facilities
or crumbling in their skeletal

home is supposed to be
where heart is but mine
lives in cities where i was
contented as a tourist at cafe dumond

let me go i whisper to my
pillow who am i pleading
with myself or my husband
isn’t really in control of me

tearless let me go home
by train with no known
destination the problem
if i am honest as i pretend to be
isn’t any of them it’s me

how big can empty be before it swallows you?

One Response to “THANKSGIVING 2012 by LYNNE SAVITT”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Loved the ending!

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