Stranger I Have a Question by Melanie Browne

I am watching you walk away
as I stand in line at the Yogurt shop,

You half-heartedly check your phone
and hesitate as if the choice

Is between a million shark bites
or a drop off a long, long, pier

I want to ask you about
Man’s future,

Will you stay here on Planet Earth
or will you go off-world?

An asteroid is only a matter of time
Or so they say,

There are Plagues, overpopulation, wars,
And let’s not forget boredom,

Stranger, I have a question
It will only take a second

3 Responses to “Stranger I Have a Question by Melanie Browne”

  1. Mark James Andrews Says:

    Ah….Should I stay or should I go… off-world? Good poem.

  2. Melanie – Well put, thoughtful, expressive poem. Brought me to a place of ponderance.
    Thank you, Winnie

  3. Larry Jones Says:

    I love this poem, I love all your poems–except for one.

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