The Alone Factor Place by Winnie Star

Outside, a yard with weeds
Strangling the life out of real flowers
And my attempts at revision

But I side track…

Under the sheets wet with hot flashes
I live in a dream place
Changing nightmares
To night visions of sea waves
Tumbling me over and over to a new place
And I recognize the fresh me in such dream

Upon awakening I look at my flesh
See the old wearied me
And realize the alone factor
That got me to the place I am
In the first place

5 Responses to “The Alone Factor Place by Winnie Star”

  1. Nice images Winnie! Great to see your poem here.

  2. Dear Judy – Thanks for reading & commenting; it is always appreciated. Winnie

  3. Yes, in the quiet of a still day, such thoughts pound in our temples..

  4. Thank you, Sharon, for reading and commenting.

  5. Winnie, a beautiful poem and I love the ending! Arlin.

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