America’s birthday by Jim Chandler

and I’m cowboying shots
of Kentucky blend
inside under the AC

windbags too worn
for the porch
or drowning in humidity
under God’s blue

coming upon that year
of numerical percision
birth wise
that beast w/two back

the land of lore for
the nimble young
a position still pursued
by the oldster

glance at the clock
tells me it’s
don’t-give-a-fuck time
but then that’s
par for the course

it’s been so long
since I gave a fuck
I’ve forgotten what I
last gave a fuck

or maybe I never ever gave a fuck

to begin with


(first appeared at the dead mule)

2 Responses to “America’s birthday by Jim Chandler”

  1. Arlin Buyert Says:

    I like this one a lot Jim and especially the way you end it. Best, Arlin.

  2. Moves well. Quite well…

    Thanks, Winnie

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