Somewhere Norman by Scott Owens

Somewhere Norman wonders
what happened to all the days
and nights that seemed to lie before him.

Somewhere Norman remembers
all the words he thought to say,
meant to say, never
brought himself to say.

Somewhere Norman regrets
he never let himself be wrong
enough to find the way
to make himself right.

Somewhere Norman knows
he let those who mattered
most mostly down.

Somewhere Norman feels

Somewhere Norman dreams
of things that could have been,
should have been, would have
been, if only he
had learned to be a little
less Norman, a little
more human, a little
somebody, somewhere,
but not here,
never here again.

3 Responses to “Somewhere Norman by Scott Owens”

  1. I love your Norman poems and this is no exception. Reading this I know Sara was one of his regrets and reading this is like giving Sara a peek into his mind again.

    For those of you who may not know,Scott and I co-authored two books about the relationship between his alter ego, Norman, and mine, Sara.

  2. As always–an inspiration.

  3. Always good to read another Norman poem.

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