Religion vs. Mythology by Bradley Mason Hamlin

My son
was recently asked
what “religion” he followed.

I told him to say “science.”

He said, “Yeah,
that’s what I told them.”

(My other son says, “Thor.”)

But the real questions
these would-be indoctrinators of cultism
should ask

What mythology do you follow?

Or better,

Do you and your family
have a mythological family tradition?

I believe in the American Mythology.

Beer. Sexy girls. And Christmas.

4 Responses to “Religion vs. Mythology by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. I’ll drink to that. And I don’t even drink…

  2. Rum & eggnog is pretty good, Winnie!

  3. Why yes it is.

  4. Diana Slovic Says:

    and beer and sexy girls and christmas

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