The Art Of Violence by Michael Grover

There is no Poetry in violence
There is no violence in Poetry
Violence is not Poetic
There is no beauty . . .

There is nothing in politics
Powertrips are empty delusion
Hell we’re Poets,
We should despise politicians
Always policing the grounds of something
Is nothing sacred
Little boys wantin’ to be men

Look away,
There is no beauty here to speak of
Only bitterness
There is no Poetry in this
Don’t write violently
Violence is not worth your time
Write viciously

3 Responses to “The Art Of Violence by Michael Grover”

  1. Arlin Buyert Says:

    Michael, I like this poem very much- moving and powerful.

  2. Yeah, the irony is way cool. Wish Sylvia Plath could rise from the grave, and give us her angry opinion on the subject. Wanna talk about awesome.

  3. P.S. Not really sure why, but your very fine poem made me think of a line from Plath’s “Lesbos”:

    Viciousness in the kitchen! (Sylvia Plath)

    Sometimes we need to be vicious. It’s a sort of wake up call. Academic poetry is way too calm for comfort. (IMHO)

    What is the world thinking? And why the hell why?

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