TOOL BOX by A.D. Winans

last night while I was fighting insomnia
the demons created a toolbox
inside my head
it is filled with every moment
of my life
from the womb
to the pending tomb

dead poets creep out at night
old flames appear
at the best years of their life
smother me with plush breasts
press me to their loins

the toolbox has no lock
to keep unwanted visitors out
ghosts mock my  past misdeeds
cavort with gypsy bands
travel up and down my spine

at the darkest moment of night
Miles Davis plays his wailing sax
inside the symphony of my head
muslims wail Koran prayers
the Vatican closes its doors
a hurricane forms inside my brain
the fat lady at the opera does acrobats
from a high tension wire

my woman says I’m damaged goods
leaves the door open on her way out
a used car salesman carries
a frayed copy of Death of a Salesman
in the palm of his sweaty hands
I dial the Jehovah Witness hotline
it is busy 24/7
I call 9 1 1
I am put on hold
my poems turn into cue balls
explode on a green felt pool table
at Gino and Carlo’s Bar
my woman thinks she’s Buddha
keeps her legs crossed

a witch doctors appears beside my bed
with a necklace of human bones
the voodoo doll in her hands
looks a lot like me

at midnight a gypsy woman shuffles
a deck of tarot cards
God calls in his marker
turns me into an aging Samuria
with a dull bladed sword
to fend off my enemies

the poems inside me turn outlaw
hold me for a ransom I can’t pay
the insatiable night
eats my thoughts
the years rattle inside my head
like a bag of marbles

I toss and turn
pray for sleep
but God has no time for insomniacs
the few hours granted me
lined-up like shots of tequila
at a honky tonk brothel

when sleep finally comes
I am left feeling
like bits and pieces of a ship-wreck
washed up along the shore
of an island that doesn’t exist
the tool box empty
as a tramp’s turned out pockets

4 Responses to “TOOL BOX by A.D. Winans”

  1. thanks, can you make a change in stanza 6, change “a witch doctors” to read “a witch doctor.” thanks. al

  2. Wow! This is powerful!

  3. A.D. – You are a gifted poet. Your words penetrate my heart, mind, and soul.
    Thank you. Winnie

  4. priscampbell Says:

    Al, your poems always capture me from word one to the end. Especially like this one.

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