FRACK JACK I DON’T CARE O’WHACK by Paul Corman Roberts

The desolation to Damascus
paved with do-gooder campaigning
begins at compacted concrete
evidence & public opinion
historical foundations laid down

proven demograscapes
the past ten years
& promising
to never indulge
our vices again
in the cold
cold rain.

Whatever you stand for God’s sake
please make sure the hipsters
can’t use that shit against you
should keep plenty preoccupied
with unoccupation & headstrong fumes of consumer ether.

Let them frack
your soul
your conscience
for the price of a map
which leads
to another map
which leads
to another map
ad infinitum
cause believe me:

In America nothing commodifies faster
than the journey nothing more undesirable
than the destination
a can to keep kicking down
the good-intention super highway.


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