Old Man Poems by Tim Peeler

I’m throwing back all the fish,
the retarded kid from my fifth grade class
who stank and wore black rimmed glasses
taped where they were broken over his nose,
the fifth grade girls who unzipped their dresses
and flashed their panties
when Mrs. Hager went outside for a smoke,
the shell shocked boy who rocked in his desk
and could not speak
when the home room teacher called the roll,
the owl-faced child-woman who taught us
that the Civil War was not fought over slavery,
flat-topped Mr. Cool Algebra who paddled
the black boys unmercifully for flirting with
white girls so we could hear each thwack
echo down the cement block hallway,
the black ninth grade football star
who bulllied the seventh graders
till they gave him their lunch money
and later became a career policeman,
all the cross-eyed freckle faced kids
in their too-short Sears catalog dungarees
who were terrorized in their trailer park homes,
in their spare the rod, spoil the child churches,
and at their mean street mill hill schools.
I’m throwing back all my fish
into the river that squeezes through dam locks
and rushes over granite rocks
racing toward the sea.

3 Responses to “Old Man Poems by Tim Peeler”

  1. wretchedEarth Says:

    …been there…neat poem….

  2. Great structure to get these memories out! Enjoyed it.

  3. Fine flow of amusingly portrayed imagery. I think I’ll read it again…

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