Beatles Bathtub by Bradley Mason Hamlin

Blonde chick
bought me Beatles
Live @ BBC 2
for Christmas

listening now
in the tub
mi amigo, Mr. Bubble

the tiny
portable stereo
if George
turns up the treble
or maybe
the trouble

as the blonde
a pint of Sierra Nevada

gives me too much treble
as well

George’s guitar
sounds great
in the acoustics
of the bathroom …

you should try it

the beer is good
and cold in winter
the blonde is good
(even when bad)
and hot in winter

and I love her.

3 Responses to “Beatles Bathtub by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. Sweet. Love the flow. And felt lotta here.


  2. joeW grant Says:

    Just what I needed.  

    “STOP THE PRESSES! I Want to Get Off” by JosephW grant Foreword by Mumia abu Jamal Voices from the Underground Series August, 2012 from Michigan State University Press

  3. I love this,Bradley. I’m going to take a bath and listen to the beatles. xo

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