Two Poems by Lynne Savitt



under your parents’ roof
you become a child again
parenting the children
they’ve become drowning
in the thick power
of the last moments
of their arduous swim

you’re in love with the towel girl
the tropical oil she carries
in her little striped beach bag
her coral toenails showing
through her brown leather sandals
make you giddy

everything tingles with the
backstroke of passion
on the shore of death

afternoon sun & medication
transform the ordinary
into ultra poignant relays

you’re always out of breath
out of sorts patience understanding
but not out of humor or lust

intensity makes you attractive
the towel girls thinks so too
she wets your thighs with oil
for the reading of the will

your parents are calling
they want sandwiches without crust
lemonade with little umbrellas
the sound of your recognizable voice

the heat & salt water exhaust you
yr postcard reads, “ sometimes i wish you were here’’
the tower girl licks the stamp before you mail it
summer won’t last forever




i can only love
you as much as
i love all the others
& dear, there have been
many other than you & him
& seeing you frail beauty escapes
description when hard passion
softens like apples left on autumn
ground near where you sit soaking
sun you always loved the burn
now radiated by machine hearts
that can say goodbye can’t be
broken by gentle kiss on your chemobald
head feels like gramps after the last stroke
your wave weak as tea & i couldn’t
wave back my wrist too rigid to banner
so long a finger puppet clutching
my cracked porcelain blue tinted
heart in a thousand tiny pieces
i cannot form the word but
i can only love you
as much as i love

4 Responses to “Two Poems by Lynne Savitt”

  1. A.,D. Winans Says:


  2. Both poems moved me greatly. Wonderful writing.

  3. ann menebroker Says:

    Like the ocean, swells coming out of what appears to be a flat place, but the turmoil and the passion stir up a storm. Nicely done!

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