lift your spirit as high
as the mercy airplanes
dropping food and water
to the 40,000 Iraqui
men women and children
seeking reguge from yet
another religioius sect
bent on genocide
in the name of their
invisible God

put your heart where
your words are
all this killing in the name of God
be it Christian, Muslim
or somewhere in between

Buddha’s crossed legs won’t stop it
the Pope can’t stop it
the Koran can’t stop it

the evil inside man’s heart
began with the caveman
and waits the resurrection
hidden in a secret silo
with its missiles pointed
at God


3 Responses to “FOR THE PEOPLE ON THE MOUNTAIN by A.D. Winans”

  1. priscampbell Says:

    Excellent, relevant poem, Al!

  2. Lisa Wright Brandenburg Says:

    This killing isn’t by God. It is the evil in man!

  3. priscampbell Says:

    Excellent poem, Al.

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