Two Poems by Bill Gainer

Fuck Hope

How long
can you believe
in an empty faith
before saying
fuck hope
pulling the pistol
telling the clerk
to hand it over
for a clean

Yeah –
go with
the wishes.
They’re easier
to accept
for the longshots
they are –
seldom break
and there’s always
the chance
of coming up big.

Hope –
fuck hope.
There’s too many strings.
You have to believe
in things:
The mysteries of god
why leaves are always
and that the death of Jesus
a suicide.

Because God’s Never Done

After the wars are gone
and all the bombs searched for,
some kid will chase
a worn-out soccer ball
down a makeshift field,
kick something just hard enough –
because that’s what kids do.
The old folks will argue
about the crater,
fill it in, plant some grass,
call it a safe place,
a gift from God.
Somebody’s mom
will be left wondering


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