on what would have been my parents’ 68th by Lynne Savitt

wedding anniversary day as miserable
as their 60 year marriage i had a car
accident in a traffic circle what perfect
symbolism going round & round & round
in wheel of unhappiness i was made
dizzy by chance of lusty escape love
makes us stupid as smashing into
truck driving honda accord melted into
silver metal cake happy anniversary
dead parents from yr idiot daughter
who cannot escape yr legacy of
miserable marriages & death
of unrelenting dreams of joy

2 Responses to “on what would have been my parents’ 68th by Lynne Savitt”

  1. LIBeaches Says:

    amazing juxtapositions & painful recognitions from a great poet who might also be placing warning signs on a new launching pad. everyone should read her new book “Relics of Lust”, available on Amazon

  2. Powerful…

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