for carolyn wearing the crown of pain by John Sweet

on the other side of the continent
in the wrong part of the year,
bleeding ice-cold sunlight and
thinking about st maria and last blurry
fucked up days of dennis wilson

waiting for the children to run away

waiting for judas and his
latest girlfriend and when he finally arrives
he brings a copy of exile on main st
and a bottle of wine

smiles and says the
brightest days are behind us

knows in his heart that there is no
end in this world to the list of
things not worth dying for


3 Responses to “for carolyn wearing the crown of pain by John Sweet”

  1. priscampbell Says:

    John, where have hou been? You may recall (or not) that I’m a big fan of your poetry. I haven’t seen any for a while. This one is top dollar.

  2. pris, good to hear from you! have only recently started sending stuff out again. just won the 2014 Lummox Press Poetry Prize, so should have a new book out in the next few months hopefully.

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