Poetry, Status Quo, & Baseball by Doug Draime

doing this for nothing,
like the rest of you
but i get
waylaid for not
writing like
the status quo
fuck the status quo

i can’t buy a can
of beans
with this poem

as i listen to the
world series
on the radio
because it’s
no longer on non cable

you got to be able
to afford to watch
america’s favorite

2 Responses to “Poetry, Status Quo, & Baseball by Doug Draime”

  1. The incredible Mr. Draime does it again. I did a reading at Quail Ridge Books here in Raleigh today and then came home to another fine Doug Draime poem. What a great day! Time for a brandy, I’m thinking …

  2. Doug Draime Says:

    That’s a very nice thing to say. Thank you, Harry.

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