Two Poems by David S. Pointer

Gum Based Good Times

The antique gumball
machine tech patted
his little globe dispenser
saying it was “the gum”
that really got each
baseball game started,
and helped a fastball
burn hot as a fireplace
front or brought out a
cartridge box boom
at the crack of a bat,
or helped the coach
keep up maintenance
on all our game gear
stored in that Nicaraguan
coffee gunny sack
season after season,
so in baseball’s brief
little league time line-
It’s the chewing gum
that may be going down
into history with the
chomping rest of us.

-Previously appeared in “Spitball”

Land of Post Season Fever

Opposing flame thrower
high on circus bear bravado
atop dusty pitching mound
blowing code, sign language
to their ever crumpled catcher
found me remembering that
time in 67 when the Yardbirds
finished torching the radio and
the sports announcer came on
telling how owner Charles Finley
was taking the Kansas City As
out to Oakland in one of those
Brooklyn Dodger city betrayal
deals riding off on mismatched
reindeer turning us Royal blue

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