A History of Broken Love Things by SB Stokes

Punk Hostage Press, ISBN: 978-1940213927
review by Bill Gainer
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From his A History of Broken Love Things we are quick to realize SB Stokes knows things. He knows about things that are done, but never finished. It’s these complications he writes about: love, loss, longing, wishes, dreams and the memory of a touch from a first encounter. At times he’s the playful child teasing a weary sister, bouncing his words with a mischievous heart. He strings them together like Mardi Gras beads, leaves them hanging on bedside lamp shades – reminders of things that do not end.

Stokes knows love, loss and longing are things we do, never finish, there is always another time to reach out – touch what could have been, hold what is – blow into the embers. He knows wishes, the last always stepping on the next – time making each more specific as it pushes us through its ever narrowing slot – wishing for what could be. Dreams, he knows about dreams – the keepers of possibility, each night awaking new, each morning another opportunity for a secret lost. And her, he knows her, that someone always waiting to be met, always a hand outstretched, always the offer of a forever – I love you.

Stokes knows a breath can pass empty as well. Maybe this is why some hold on so tightly, refusing to leave when called, hoping to finish something that can never be. Stokes leaves this question for another time. His concern is the now, the doing. He knows it is the doing that gives life its reason, love its grace, a wish its promise, a dream its magic and the memory of a first touch its forever. SB Stokes knows the History of Broken Love Things. Read him, enjoy him, I did, I do.

Bill Gainer, Lipstick and Bullet Holes

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