Last Man Standing by LYNNE SAVITT


is the promise you made me
as we watched my lovers die
one by one they’ve fallen like
like toddlers in bouncy house

i was finally leaving all behind
husband, dogs, kids & theirs
wednesday after my doctor’s
appointment knowing our time

has become calendar pages
we flip realizing each day
is precious you called to check
on my progress but something

was wrong yr words choking
on swollen tongue i said call
911 but you refused i reached
yr friend since i was 200 miles

away you cannot leave me
love of my life attached to
feeding tubes paralyzed left
side unable to speak I call

constantly to hear nurses who
cannot tell me what’s happening
once i was yr wife now just a
voice whispering i adore you to

man who cannot answer hear
me, my love, i will come when
snows melt & my treatments
are finished together we will

turn our last pages together
side by side leaning on each
other listening to our own beating
red bleeding beautiful hearts

never break a promise
you must be the last man standing

5 Responses to “Last Man Standing by LYNNE SAVITT”

  1. M. Alden Says:

    This is achingly and bitterly beautiful. The enjambment captures the sense of brokenness and hearts in diaspora, and the final couplet is a perfect culmination of the poem’s tale. Thank you for the pleasure of reading this.

  2. To the heart of my heart with a passion I understand…

  3. as only you could write it my dear friend.

  4. How beautiful – how frightening and how sure —

  5. “listening to our own beating/ red bleeding beautiful hearts”


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