full year & one month since yr stroke
finally you will be placed in apartment
on quiet street with assistance in day
time you’ve lost a year but yr voice is

back from dead & feeding tubes
therapy more drugs than small
pharmacy to take yr left side hand
& leg not working well you balance

on cane & confidence snow falls
this first day of spring you move
into everything is new abode
bright blue furniture brings

you happy at last in over year
ago you couldn’t say my name
now i miss you & love you nightly
we speak as i remind you to take

9 p.m. medications are set each
day in tiny piles an aide helps no
bars in shower chair to sit on tell
me bed is big enough for two when

are you coming you ask me last time
i saw you i fed you small pieces of
pizza kissed yr forehead rubbed cream
on yr feet & drove home to family hundreds

of miles away i wanted to be the one
who took care of you daily i spoke
to nursing staff & sent yellow flowers
yr favorite chocolates & greeting cards

medical staff never thought you’d
make it but no one knew you like
i do love you more today than ever
strong & stubborn you beat all odds

thirteen months i called each day
sometimes three times or more
just to hear you speak my name
keeping yr promise to be
the last man standing

3 Responses to “MARCH 21, 2O16 by LYNNE SAVITT”

  1. No one says words of love like Savitt. It seems like it rolls easily, but it’s full of truths that are exposed like a brick in the road. she doesn’t go easily around the brick and sometimes just plows right through it. But you think: she did it so smoothly. After you’ve read Lynne Savitt’s work you say: how did she do that! And then you read it again. Ann Menebroker

  2. Lynne lets her emotions hang on her sleeve, sometimes in joy, sometimes in pain, always soaring into the mind like a bird diving for scraps or soaring high into the minds eye.

  3. Beautiful – and yes, so easy, such a flow.

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