american obligation by DB Cox

another invisible man
lies crumpled
in the front seat
of his car
life leaking
onto the black
floor mat
his blood-covered shoes
blinking eyes
gaze up
from the bottom
of death’s dark hole
into the imaginary
soul of a cop’s
video camera lens

as the movie unwinds
his scattered mind rolls
like a broken wheel
frantically trying
to make sense
of what just happened

about a broken tail light

or was it only a dream
about something broken

in the backseat
his daughter is crying
is she broken
somebody help this little girl

or maybe
he’s dreaming
about his daughter
crying in the night

why is she crying

is she crying
for him
is she crying
for you

is she crying for us all
because we live
in a place
where many
have forgotten
what it means
to dream
a cold place
where some of us
will forever be judged
by the color of our skin
& not the content
of our character

he cries this last time
because his daughter
will continue to have tears
in her eyes
as she grows toward
more bone-cold discoveries
concerning old promises
new lies
& american obligation

somebody help this little girl
she cannot stop crying


5 Responses to “american obligation by DB Cox”

  1. Chris Deal Says:

    Damn good writing, here. Glad to get to read more of your work.

  2. Thanks Chris. Nice to hear from you.

  3. Carter Monroe Says:

    Great work as always. Can never get enough.

  4. Thanks Carter… my friend… getting old here… don’t get around much anymore. Hope you are well.

  5. great poem, this story breaks my heart. Again and again and again.

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