Dressed for Success by Cassandra Dallett

I remember having my pussy grabbed 
coming from a party
my skirt was short
but my arms interlocked with friends
in a wall of merriment
he reached up and grabbed anyway
before we beat him with his own radio
this is for our daughters
who we send out to the concrete of The Mission
The Fruitvale The Financial District
the inner cities now suburbs
suburbs now ghettos
invisible from golden towers
silky white faces packed into the belly of The Town
when asked who was from here only one replied
all else transplants
what are we running from
the pussy grabbers are everywhere
80 percent of posts refer to anxiety
this Indigenous People’s day 
the hate so palpable
redder than red face red states
there are scary clown warnings on the news
the scariest clown of all threatens
on all channels zero
what a time to carry your pussy like an ax
to mother like a polar bear
in this endangered fall
come hurricane season
come storm of my eye
I come swinging baseball bat
a pussy bow at my neck
a knock-off
Gucci sweater to hide
my naked rage inside.

2 Responses to “Dressed for Success by Cassandra Dallett”

  1. priscampbell Says:

    Really good!

  2. Read this right after it was posted, have been back to read it a few times. I hesitated to comment after my first reading, didn’t want to spoil the piece by tagging any comment on the end. A beautiful rage that takes no prisoners.

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