The Return by Tim Peeler

In the eighties I worked
At a motel where the owner
Wouldn’t let us hire blacks
On the front desk because
You couldn’t trust them
With the money,
Wouldn’t let us rent
The “new” rooms to “them”
Because they just didn’t fit
On that part of the monopoly board,
Yet “they” could be hidden
In the restaurant kitchen
Fixing the pan fried chicken
And honey biscuits that lined
The customers out the door.

Last week I got the gate fixed
On my driveway, new locks
For all the out buildings,
Quietly hunkering down
Because the white people
I worked for in the 80s
Have returned.

5 Responses to “The Return by Tim Peeler”

  1. Harry Writes Says:

    Love this, it has such a halting tone with the half cut lines. It twists around very nicely in the end.

    Good stuff.

  2. priscampbell Says:

    They surely have. I love the way you lead into it.

  3. Yes Tim. You always hit what you’re aiming at.


  4. Yep, direct hit! As DB says, your work never misses.

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