Invasions by Pris Campbell


Pearl long-legs her way
through her teens in her
la de da, Jesus Saves,
southern hometown.
She doesn’t fit into
the who said what or
who got drunk world
of her classmates,
reads Sartre in her spare time, recites
King’s not yet come true dream
to her bored cats, fingers
the old McGovern pin bought
at a pawn shop. She weeps
over stories of the KKK
emerged again, Muslim
children given fake deportation
papers by school bullies
for a laugh.

She sits on soft pine needles
in the woods behind her house,
inhales silence, wishes
Tonto, (looking like Johnny Depp
would show up with Silver,
dangling the Lone Ranger’s mask
from his beckoning finger,
Silver pawned for Santa’s old sleigh
and his back-up group of reindeer,
lasers stashed in the candy bags in back.

They could flash red across the sky
each night, vaporizing weapons
and rescuing the disenfranchised,
their light so bright people would gaze
in wonder, reporting UFO invasions
or even the second coming.

5 Responses to “Invasions by Pris Campbell”

  1. This poem is approved by me, Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

    Hi, Yo Silver.


  2. I always love your work.

  3. priscampbell Says:

    DB, whew 🙂

    S.A., thanks!

  4. James Owen Shepard Says:

    Excellent write my friend

  5. priscampbell Says:

    Thanks, Jimbo!

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