A Bowl Of Popcorn And A Diet Pepsi by Craig Firsdon


So I killed myself.
Not really.
Metaphorically of course.
I wouldn’t be writing this.
I don’t have the balls.
Sometimes I wish I did.
That is had balls.

So anyways I figured that the fight
was already over.
I’m tired of all of it.
You know “can’t get out of bed tired,
make you wanna puke your guts out”
sick and tired.
I no longer want to fight back.
I will just live in blind acceptance.

It would be a boring but quieter life.
I figure I will listen to music,
watch some good movies,
horror of course, my favorite genre,
maybe sit out in the sun,
watch nature from my porch
and appreciate its beauty,
sketch some of that before mentioned nature,
paint a bit, likely dabble in oils,
breathe deeper
and, most importantly,
stop giving a fuck.

But what about everything
and everyone else?
What about the world?
What if Hillary Clinton becomes president?
More importantly what if Donald Trump becomes president?
What if they cause Armageddon?
What if IsIs gets a usable nuclear weapon?
What if North Korea attacks South Korea?
What if Russia keeps goading the world?
What if they cause Armageddon?
What if children in Africa continue to die?
What if the refugee crisis continues to get worse?
What if the world goes into financial meltdown?
What if a pandemic kills half the worlds population?
What if the promised zombie apocalypse happens?
What if THEY cause Armageddon?

You know what?
Screw it.
Screw everything.

I am too old.
I am in too much pain.
My words have never made a difference.
My poetry will never reach the world.
Resistance to the powerful and elite is futile.
They will do as they wish as they have always done
And now I will do what I want to do.
I will sit back in my “old as hell,
breaks don’t work” wheelchair
and just watch society continue to screw it up
with a bowl of popcorn
and a diet pepsi.

One Response to “A Bowl Of Popcorn And A Diet Pepsi by Craig Firsdon”

  1. I almost always write serious poetry and most is political or related to my life. This poem is something I decided to write because the hate and negativity if the election was getting to me and there were so many other “nice” things I’d rather be doing. I also kept hearing how everything was going to cause Armageddon, yet here we are. It all fit together and this poem was born. I want to thank Michael Grover, Doc John, Matt Sradeja and A.S. Coomer for being the test dummies I read it to not long before submitting it. If it gets a laugh in these dark times then it did its job.

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