The Streets of Los Angeles : Election Night 2016 by S.A. Griffin


here, tonight
in this, the 2nd largest city in America
a strange peace rocks these urban canyons

there are no magnificent fireworks
to scratch the sky with celebration
no uplifting fanfare to name our
revolutionary spirit

no heroic confetti to rain down
on some grand parade marching
beneath the triumphant arch of this
uneasy hallelujah

where headlines hang in the balance
of an odd detente

and an unfathomable fog swallows us all

as we emerge from opposite ends of history
asking ourselves red, white or blue
who are you America?

Who are we now?

November 8, 2016

4 Responses to “The Streets of Los Angeles : Election Night 2016 by S.A. Griffin”

  1. John Dorsey Says:

    Still think this piece is pretty amazing.

  2. Beautiful, completely captures the zeitgeist of the night

  3. This road is like a river of black water—pulling us on, farther and faster—all bound for that vanishing point, coming closer in the heat-shadowed distance

  4. priscampbell Says:

    This makes me want to sing, ‘where has all the confetti gone?. Long time passing’. Good one, S.A.

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