TRUMP LAND by A.D. Winans


I cannot pledge allegiance to a racist
Who stands behind the flag
Whose principles you defile

I will not bow down to Corporate America
And its religious right

I cannot accept your moral bankruptcy
Your greenback God selling lives
On the stock market exchange

I will not bow down to a country where
Immigrants are treated like criminals
And women as chattel
A country whose papal church
Has its own bank where
Ka-ching ka-ching is the new holy mantra

America you have become
One big insane asylum
Your manic depressive innkeepers
Waging war on the masses

Your henchmen standing proud
On your purple majestic mountains
Kissing the cold stone faces on Mount Rushmore
Where you lust for your inclusion
Looking like a Mafia Don with the
Cold kiss of death on your breath


3 Responses to “TRUMP LAND by A.D. Winans”

  1. Where dump trucks return the sacred belongings of the Native Americans protesting the pipeline, amid Filth and debris, left in piles where a dignified village of protesters once stood, where children played and learned their Native tongue, and the ancient stories of their ancestors. Dumped, like garbage…mixed, with garbage….treated, like garbage.
    The treaties torn and discarded, broken again by greedy white men. Our Native Americans, citizens of this country, Defiled, shot with rubber bullets, enveloped in pepper spray, struggling to breathe, waist deep in the sparkling river which will soon have a sludge-filled pipe lying under it, ready to render the bed blackened over which it flows, and the water itself soon poisonous. While all of Congress, all of the Senate, all of the lawmakers and people we voted into office and sent to Washington to REPRESENT US turn their backs and send in State Troopers to beat and arrest its own citizens for protesting this WRONG in the name of BIG OIL MONEY! A filthy fossil fuel being brought from CANADA thru the HEARTLAND OF AMERICA down to the GULF OF MEXICO to refine, then SHIP TO CHINA….destroying our precious aquifers, water for millions of Americans put in jeopardy for MONEY none of us will ever see. These are all deals made in Washington DC in private rooms to which no citizens from North Dakota or any of the other states these pipelines run thru are ever given access. Our country has been quietly INVADED by an enemy we never saw coming. An enemy made up of the CEOs of oil companies, and Natural Gas, wearing expensive suits instead of camouflage , carrying brief cases instead of weapons, riding in limousines instead of tanks. Between earthquakes and fires due to fracking, and the loss of water , farmland and wild life due to oil spills, the air, earth, and water are doomed from one end of this country to the other. Yeah…nice move…that “unified Republican government” brought by Trump promises to not only be poisoned by greed, racism and bigotry, but ACTUALLY POISONED as well, by loosening of EPA standards and regulations, denying the science studying global warming, because who among all those deniers has an actual degree and background IN SCIENCE? They are nothing but SIDEWALK SCIENTISTS, voicing “opinions” they’ve come up with because that’s what they “believe”. Belief is something to do with FAITH…not FACTS, and has no business in the same room. It is preposterous hearing people talking about “believing in” global warming. That’s for something you cannot see! But with scientific study, you can SEE THE RESULTS. No need to have a “belief system”. That’s for people talking about God or the hereafter. Religion should have nothing to do with government policies! Yet the Evangelicals from The Bush Adminstration actually thought they were going up to heaven in. “Rapture” with what…all their clothing? Accessories? Nice shoes? I’m not really clear on these religious peculiarities springing up in our government, but it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t have to be concerned with ANY religion when I’m thinking about the government and the constitution! So the idea that far right religious fanatics getting onto the Supreme Court and affecting RoeV Wade and Women’s Health and the right to get an abortion shouldn’t be in jeopardy all over again in 2017 BUT IT WILL BE NOW because Paul Ryan is already bragging about not allowing our sitting president to nominate a candidate for DOG CATCHER much less a judge in the last eight months of his presidency….BY LAW…and with Trump at the wheel, the hands of some fanatical Christian white MEN on the Supreme Court will be MOLESTING the CONSTITUTION by February! I will not and never will respect the choices he is already parading in front of us like so many awkward beauty contestants, expecting our approval as we actually stand in utter SHOCK with each passing day. Trump understands NOTHING about conflict of interest as he tries to wedge his grown children and son in law into the corridors of our nations capitol, sliding them past in the questionable company of old cronies, the KKK, and the architect of the “show us your papers” Nazi law in Arizona to be in charge of immigration policies. Good heavens!

  2. As you can see, I have about twenty thoughts going on at once in my tiny mind, so I ran out of gas, failing to WRAP IT UP at the end there. No big shiny finish! Sorry.

  3. priscampbell Says:

    Well said and written, Al! You always know how to word the outrage.

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