Captain America Carries A Glock by Craig Firsdon


Captain America Carries A Glock
Captain America carries a Glock,
the new world order’s new world justice. Shoot first, ask questions later,
let God sort out the innocent.

Captain America pulls the trigger.
Easier than it should be.
Each bullet painting liberty’s constitution
with rounds blood red
inked from preprogrammed enemies
of the white knight rounds scatter brains
out on false sky blue canvases.
Heaven is full, its gates are locked and
Hell doesn’t seem to give a shit.

Captain America isn’t blind.
He keeps his mighty shield shined
as bright as a halo
and as red as Hellfire.
His puppet eyes see what he’s meant to see…
tattered genes, rage against machines
needing to be put down.
Too bad what goes around
usually never comes back around.
We don’t want to think about it,
don’t want to talk about it
and that’s how it all began.

Captain American is an artist.
His new exhibit opened at the museum of art.
Crowds gather, the public flood the halls
trying to get a glimpse of their
hero’s blood stained lives framed on display.

Captain America carries a Glock
and has never lost Russian roulette.
Life is a game of expression painted by violence
and righteous perfection.
His missions are always completed.

Captain America –
the new 21st century super soldier
forged by our own blind, mute hands,
the flawless warrior of a flawed people.

God bless America.

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