The Hangover 11/9/16 by Cassandra Dallett

Woke up to sunshine blind
stumbled robot to French press
not a nightmare
reality show elected
bookish folks are weeping
thinking, feeling, humans are weeping
our queer and trans family is weeping

Good thing my tubes are tied
I’m so sorry young women
they will take all that we fought for
women weep
hand over mouth
one hand covering the entry to our wombs
people of color
marching fists raised
born in this struggle
continue to rise
hold one another strong
school bus bullies are in control
they feel our bodies belong to them

I speed through quiet streets sad
at work I meet red eyes
shaking heads
hate is stronger than us
celebrity is all that matters
rage wins anger rules

all my friends say-
What do we tell the children…

Dear world-
We’re sorry…

We know that climate change is real
borders are bullshit
we are all immigrants and can do nothing but
extend our beaten hands to the sick, the hungry,
the poor, we are tired
one paycheck from homeless
we are those kids picked on
by the red-faced white boys so full of venom
we wonder what they’ll strip us of
protections fought and died for

Families who fled gang land
and guerilla war
the salt of the earth
make tacos and papusas on my block
make rice and dumplings
I want to hug them close

I’m eating oatmeal the sun is shining
like it shined in Nazi Germany
it shined on Tutsis and Hutus
it is shining on the rubble
in Aleppo and Mosul
I have no answers
only fear
only sorrow
and this sun shifting softly
through tree branches
on my back

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