the wolves howl by DB Cox


empty suits
with metal lapel pins
spout meaningless metaphors
a wall of symbols
to mask
defects & imperfections
in the direction taken
down dead-end streets
past bold lies
that somehow remain
as shit falls
all around
another incoherent
master plan
to jump-start the world
stringless puppets
stroll across
congress floors
serving up
the thick smell of fear
citizens march
here and there
bouncing prayers
off heaven’s overloaded door
the ever-changing American story
rolls crazily backward
light—where dark should be
dark—where light should be
everything once said
now being unsaid
everything once done
now being undone
as the fire dies away
& the smoke crawls
along the ground
the wolves slip in
from the dark forest
howling their perfect hate
at everything & nothing


2 Responses to “the wolves howl by DB Cox”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    Another great one!

  2. Thanks Carter. Happy Thanksgiving.

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