immurement by Paul Koniecki


-for Freddie Carlos Gray Jr

the world is a moped of jungles and noodles and dust

the cask of amontillado is on fire

i fold a bivouac of policemen selfies

baltimore is burning

immurement needs no help

more people speak hindi than english and this

testicles are the minority

i catch myself running circles

take my word for it and do something

reason has two very different definitions

the day is a calamity

the night is a pumice of silent anxiety

shouting occurs

yawning excuses in the face of our dogged sincerity is executed

belies immurement
and fire

gravity yawns oxygen laps
yet baltimore on fire continues to exist

freddie gray no longer exists

black holes of morality in the fabric of a nation in decline are made of this

perhaps edgar allan poe has gills and wings

where together they go nice places

when we are dead we can go anywhere

content with the super-volcano under yosemite

happy in our spines

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