KARINA AND I by Mather Schneider


were camping
in Washington State
and while we were sleeping in the tent
a bug crawled
into my

I exploded
out of the tent flap and into
the moonlit night
screaming and moaning
and slapping my right ear
(it was like a giant
was walking on my
and eventually rolling around and beating
my head on the ground.

Karina came out of the tent
sleepy eyed and beautiful
and looked at me
and laughed
and just at that moment
the little black monster hopped right
out onto the ground
and scurried away
into the dark grasses
of Mount Baker
before I even had the chance
to murder it.

Katrina and I made love after that
like two wild animals
to the fact that one morning
years later
I would wake up in our
two story house
completely and mortally civilized
and deaf to her

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